Sony / Sony Ericsson Inc. Experia. – Worldwide

    £24.99 Inc. VAT

    Unlock any Sony or SonyEricsson incl. Experia model from around the world.
    Supports any model from any country.
    Simply enter your phones IMEI number and allow the allocated time.
    When your request is completed you will be sent the unlocking code which will be available in your order history.

    Please Note:

    Before submitting your imei please check the following:

    1. Turn on your phone without a sim card.
    2. Type *#*#7378423#*#*
    3. Select Service Info
    4. Select Simlock
    5. Check what lock is closed and what the counter attempt number is.
    6. If the counter is 0 then you can not unlock this phone by codes.

    The code to be used is the NCK in the majority of cases.
    Please ensure you type the number correctly, if it doesn’t work you can query it by providing video proof.

    Make sure you still have  attempts left after querying it.


    No Model Required

    7 - 10 Working Days